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SquidGuard Manager!


Release 1.14 - Jan 23 2015

This release allow directory recursion in autocreate filters to support blacklist database with subdirectories like shalla lists. It also allow permanent auto-creation of filters so that new folders in blocklist directory are auto-detected and can be automatically used to create a new filter.

Here is the complete list of change and bug fixes:

        - Fix parameter with doublequote in Sources Edition. Thanks to
          marcohald for the report.
        - Fix case where lines in the rules/classes was doubled when
          using Autocreate filters. Thanks to e-gaulue for the report.
        - Allow permanent autocreation of filters so that new folders
          in squidGuard blocklist (/var/lib/squidguard/db) are auto-
          detected and automatically create a new filter.
        - Keep empty rules in squidguard configuration file. Thanks to
          e-gaulue for the report.
        - Allow directory recursion in autocreate filters to support sub-
          directories in black lists. Thanks to e-gaulue for the feature
        - Add RPM spec file. Thanks to Tatsuya-Nonogaki for the patch.

UPGRADE: Replacing squidguardmgr.cgi should be enough.

Release 1.13 - Dec 22 2013

This release adds better support to SquidGuard management, adds some new interfaces and capabilities in blocklists or sources management. Some more bugs fix. Everyone should upgrade.

        - Fix some translation issues. Thanks to Travis L. Bean for the patch.
        - Added Squid Restart confirmation. Popup a JavaScript msg box before
          actually restart Squid. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Added "else" block deletion icon to ACLs Configuration page for
          uniform operability with those of Filters, Sources and so on. Patch
          from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Allow sources to be ordered by the user using the up and down arrows
          links. Patch from Gilles Darold.
        - Log content escaping and CSS change to not expands table beyond the
          frame. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Allow selection of "All the time" to remove time constraint in
          edit_sources and edit_rewrites. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Lot of cosmetic adjustments and code cleaning. Patches from Tatsuya
        - Big changes in Lists Management page. Patches from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Made list names in Filter Configuration page hyperlinks to their list
          edition page. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Add capability to clear blacklists' alias and descriptions. Patch from
          Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Fix "Remove all" icon button didn't remove empty src block from
          squidGuard.conf. Now removes the src block if the element in question
          was the last one of the source group. The last element of a source
          group still in use denies deletion. Patches from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Add capability to newly create source list file. Patch from Tatsuya
        - Fix rare but potential db file damage when tmp file cannot be put out.
          Added description to show_logs help content. Patch from Tatsuya
        - Logrotate saves old log file with gunzip per EPEL squidGuard pkg
          default. It's better to prevent binary files from being clicked upon.
          Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Update documentation and add Tatsuya Nonogaki to the authors list.
        - Fix wrapper chmod arguments in Makefile.PL. Patch from Tatsuya
        - Fix lot of typo in English lang file. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - File editor window width calibration. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Use hash reference instead of global hash variables. Patch from
          Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Redirect Picker table width fix. Completely disabled cell wordwrap to
          fit the table within the popup window. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Added checkbox to explicitly delete else clause from the ACL. Patch
          from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Fix squidguardmgr.css 'header' class missing semicolon. Patch from
          Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Fix typo where chown command was replaced by chmod in documentation.
          Thanks to Raul Sobon for the report.
        - Added functionality to input Redirect URLs from a popup window which
          shows URLs used somewhere in the squidGuard.conf. Changed cgi and js.
          Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Remove special windows character ^M from the code to avoid diff change
          on each pull requests. Patch from Gilles Darold.
        - Fix impossible set of ALL for else in ACLs. Thanks to Thomas Benoit
          for the patch.
        - Configuration is now displayed asis, without any reordering by
          squidguardmgr.cgi. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Add escapeHTML to redirect URLs. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Fixed bug that inserts unnecessary empty 'else' clause into
          squidGuard.conf. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Add init parameter file for squidguardmgr httpd daemon. Based on
          /etc/sysconfig/httpd distributed with CentOS 6.4. Patch from Tatsuya
        - Change CGI directory setting include-file for squidguardmgr httpd
          daemon. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Add EL6 sample httpd configuration for squidguardmgr. Patch from
          Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Blacklist text and db files should be kept non-world-readable.
          Insertion of umask(). Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Fix source list file edition that was not working properly via IE or
          Firefox on Windows machines. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Not all ACL objects require "redirect" unless it also has "log" set.
          Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Fix "log" setting for each ACL block in squidGuard.conf that have to
          be parsed. Patch from Tatsuya Nonogaki.
        - Replace direct call to squidguard binary to reload db files by the
          call to the rebuild_database() function. Patch from Gilles Darold.

UPGRADE: All files have changes, you must fully override your previous installation.

Release 1.12 - Jan 27 2013

This is a major bug fix release especially for installation with SquidClamav.

        - Add more debug information about squidGuard.conf and squidclamav.conf
          configuration file when squidguardmgr can not write to it.
        - Fix delete error of items in squidclamav virus scanning, whitelists
          and trusted users definitions. Thanks to John Xue for the report.
        - Fix a long standing bug in Makefile.PL when trying to change the path
          to the squid binary into the squid_wrapper.c file. Thanks a lot to
          John Xue for the reports.
        - Change path to default squid binary into /usr/sbin/squid.

UPGRADE: Replacing squidguardmgr.cgi should be enough.

Release 1.11 - Jun 26 2012

This release fixes a major bug that break javascript code when CGI param base64 encoding result in multiline.

        - Replace patch on base64 encoding/decoding of CGI parameters by Perl
          CGI standard URI encoding/decoding to prevent javascript code break
          with multiline encoding base64. Thanks to Gaetan Paquette for the

UPGRADE: Replacing squidguardmgr.cgi from previous version is enough.

Release 1.10 - Jun 22 2012

This release fixes a major bug in sources editing interface.

        - Fix an issue with username containing non alphanumeric character in
          sources - Thank to John Xue for the report.

UPGRADE: only squidguardmgr.cgi has changed, so if you are upgrading from 1.9
just replacing this file should be enough.

Release 1.9 - Jun 06 2012

This release fixes a major bug in the schedule definition that could break your configuration file and two other minor bugs.

        - Fix a problem in the detection of blacklist in use in the "Manage Lists" interface.
        - Fix a bug on creating the default squidGuard.conf file when the file doesn't exists.
        - Fix a bug in schedule interface that duplicate schedule instead of modifying it.

UPGRADE: if you don't want to reinstall all, you can just overwrite the Perl
script cgi-bin/squidguard.cgi, this is the only file that have changed in this
release. Take care to modify the configuration variable in the script before.

Release 1.8 - May 29 2012

This release fixes a major bug in most of the CGI editing interfaces, please upgrade asap.

	- Fix major bug on most of the editing interface using the oldvalue CGI parameter. Thanks to John Xue for the report.
	- Fix bug that duplicate blocklist in subfolder with wrong path. Thanks to Todd Hank.

UPGRADE: please upgrade now, if you upgrade from 1.7, just replacing squidguardmgr.cgi should be enough.

Release 1.7 - Apr 28 2012

This release fixes some issues in blocklist administration and allow subdirectories in blocklist repositories. For example, when using blacklists from Shalla, some of the categories have sub folders.

	- Add support to subdirectory in blacklists, like from Shalla. Thanks to Todd Hank for the feature request.
	- Fix diff archiving of blocklist to be saved even if the .db file doesn't exists and by adding +/- before
	  archive line to save the action to perform. - Fix bug with regular expression in rewrite rules. Thanks to
	  Vladimir Smirnov for the patch.
	- Rename temporary .diff files generated by squidguardmgr into .tmpdiff to avoid removing existing diff file.
	  Thanks to Gaetan Paquette for the report.

UPGRADE: Only squidguardmgr.cgi has changed, so you can just override it.

Release 1.6 - Dec 22 2011

This release adds squidGuard blocklist change history and fix issues on add_items()/remove_items() on blocklist methods. Several fixes was made on install process.

	- Fix bug during install on searching proxy user. Thanks to John Xue for the patch.
	- Rewrite add_items() and remove_item() method to be more reliable and remove the
	  use of the grep system command. Thanks to Rhys Evans for the report.
	- Add persistant storage of removed/added items into an historical diff file, that
	  can be replayed on a fresh blocklist install. Files will takes the '.diff.hist'
	  extension. Thanks to Gaetan Paquette for the feature request. Note that this is
	  not a diff universal format but the +/- notation used by SquidGuard and the real
	  historic of all the actions on the blocklist so you may encounter multiple time
	  the same addition/remove line in the file.
	- Add KEEP_DIFF configuration directive to enable/disable diff archiving of blocklist
	  changes. Default is enabled.
	- Fix "ERROR: Could not send signal 1 to process 1849: (1) Operation not permitted"
	  with squid_wrapper by using setuid(0). Thanks to Rhys Evans for the patch.
	- Error "Premature end of script headers" occuring when saving change into a blocklist
	  has been fixed by displaying a close button instead of closing directly the window.

UPGRADE: Changes only concern files squidguardmgr.cgi, squidguardmgr.conf and squid_wrapper. It is safe to perform a full install, your previous
configuration file squidguardmgr.conf will be renamed as squidguardmgr.conf.old. 

Release 1.5 - Apr 08 2011

This release adds support to SquidClamav dnslookup configuration directive and fix an issue on restarting c-icap.

        - Fix reload of c-icap from the CGI interface. Thanks to Krzysztof Wor
	  for the report.
	- Add support for the dnslookup squidclamav configuration directive.

UPGRADE: Only cgi-bin/squidguardmgr.cgi and cgi-bin/lang/fr_FR/menu.dat has
changed so you can just override those files if you don't want to reinstall all.

Release 1.4 - Nov 19 2010

This release adds support to SquidClamav v6.x branch and fix some issues.

	- Fix missing dbhome path to sources of type file (ip address and user).
	  Thanks to Thomas Langmar for the report.
	- Fix display of squidclamav manager menu when squidclamav configutation
	  directive is set to 'off'.
	- Add autodetection of squid uid/gid into Makefile if squid is running.
	- Add support to squidclamav v6.0
	- Modify Makefile.PL to be ready for automatic install and packaging.
	- Fix Makefile.PL to remove squid_wrapper/squid_wrapper binary when
	  make clean is called.

Release 1.3 - Oct 26 2010

This release fix many problems, especially when using schedules in other object definition. Please upgrade.

	- Fix bad handling of schedule time in acl definition.
	- Fix date definition in schedule time. Replace - by . as the - is
	  not supported unlike explain in the documentation or at least not in
	  version 1.2.x.
	- Fix removing of acl schedule limitation.
	- Add support to more distribution install in the Makefile.PL.
	- Fix a syntax error from squidguard when time rules are applied
	  directly in source|rewrite|destination definitions. For example:
		src admin within workours {
			user    root foo bar
	  raise an error unlike defined in the specification. The right way is:
		src admin {
			user    root foo bar
			within  wokhours
	  Thanks to Thomas Langmar for the report.

	- Really fix this time 'all' and 'none' keywords at the end of the pass
	- Fix deny of fqnd in acls.
	- Really fix this time bad else clause on acls.

UPGRADE: simply overide squidguardmgr.cgi.

Release 1.2 - August 28 2010

This release fix some main problems into blocklist creation and SquidClamav Manager.

        - Fix bad else clause on acls edit breaking squidGuard configuration.
	- Fix all et none to be in the last place in the pass acl directive
	  breaking squidGuard configuration.
	- Fix deletion bugs of abort/abortcontent/whitelist in squidclamav GUI.
	- Fix chained operation when creating new list.
	- Fix some translation mistake.
	- Add note on ducumentation about symbolic links under the dbhome
	  SquidGuard directory. They are not supported by SquidGuardMgr and
	  must be removed.

UPGRADE: simply overide squidguardmgr.cgi and all lang files.

Release 1.1 - August 27 2010

This is the first public release with a dedicated web site for this tool that I've written this month. If you like it, drop me a line.

SquidGuard Manager is in production use onto a Squid Proxy server with SquidClamav and SquidGuard for more than 1500 users a day without any problem.

Copyright © 2010-2011 Gilles Darold, all rights reserved