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SquidGuard Manager!


SquidGuard Manager need some configuration informations. They are stored into the squidguardmgr.conf file. During the automatic installation this file is self generated.

SQUIDGUARD /usr/local/squidGuard/bin/squidGuard

This directive allow you to configure the path to the SquidGuard program. If you set it to off or no, the SquidGuard Manager interface will be disabled and it will only show the SquidClamav Manager interface.

CONF_FILE /usr/local/squidGuard/squidguard.conf

Configure the path to the SquidGuard configuration file.

SQUIDCLAMAV /usr/bin/squidclamav

Path to the SquidClamav program when using SquidClamav v5.x branch and must be set to 'c-icap' when you're using v6.x branch.

C_ICAP_SOCKET /var/run/c-icap/c-icap.ctl

Path to the c-icap control socket. Used by SquidClamav Manager to reconfigure the c-icap server to apply SquidClamav configuration changes. Used only with SquidClamav 6.x branch.

SC_CONF_FILE /etc/squidclamav.conf

Path to the SquidClamav configuration file.


Used to set the language, default is en_US. Current translation are: en_US, fr_FR.

SQUID_WRAPPER /var/www/squidguargmgr/squid_wrapper

Command wrapper to reload Squid. You must use this wrapper as squid can only be reload as root. This wrapper will execute the following system command as root user: /usr/local/squid/sbin/squid -k reconfigure

IMG_DIR /squidguargmgr/images

SquidGuard Manager base URL where images are stored.

CSS_FILE /squidguargmgr/squidguardmgr.css

SquidGuard Manager Style Sheet CSS URL.

JS_FILE /squidguargmgr/squidguardmgr.js

SquidGuard Manager Javascript URL.


Number of last lines displayed from log files.


Comma separated list of DNS Blacklists if you have SquidGuard 1.5 or more put here the DNSBL you want to use.


These optionals configuration directives are used to overide the default path to the system commands /usr/bin/tail, /usr/bin/find, /usr/bin/diff, /usr/bin/rm and /usr/bin/grep.

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